Pablo E. Viera – Portfolio

“He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.” ― Aristotle


Co-founder and CEO at Il Caffetino Espresso, the first “To Go” gourmet specialty coffee shop franchise in Córdoba, Argentina.

• Built company and franchise system from the ground up, expanding to four stores in four years.

• Launched 60 successful products including, formulating new coffee recipes, adapting to local preferences, and conducting market tests.

• Created brand including, packaging, merchandising, uniforms, stores, and customer experience.

• Handled Operations Management and Strategy by developing and consistently updating procedure manuals based on measured results in stores.

• Oversaw employee and franchisee selection, induction and training.

• Directed, measured and optimized company’s marketing through traditional, digital and guerrilla marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.

• Managed national and local public relations and news partnerships, enabling the company to appear in the media over 30 times.

Notable Awards & Recognitions:

– Outstanding startup award – E+E Foundation in Cordoba, Argentina

– Top 10 most innovative business ideas – Cordoba, Argentine government

– Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Infonegocios (Argentine business magazine)

(2nd store grand opening)

sucursal 2

(Covered by a local TV channel)

My former partner and I standardized processes to sell franchises. It took two years to complete and create the manuals for it.

(3rd store opening covered by a local TV channel)


10600420_741850309215914_5369418754650083391_n 575536_332840566783559_901410449_n


(Award by the local government)




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